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Dear Dick Smith Gift Card holders

The news has not been great for you this past week. If you bought a Dick Smith Gift Card, it seems like you have thrown your hard-earned money away. If you received a Dick Smith Gift Card, it would seem like you have just received a piece of worthless plastic. Very disappointing.

Here's a unique opportunity to get some value from your now worthless Dick Smith Gift Card. Open a hampsta Savings Account, send us your Dick Smith Gift Card and we will discount your joining and annual membership fee by $40* (normally $59). Once a member, you can start saving towards next Christmas.

Thousands of New Zealanders are enjoying the hampsta benefits by putting away that little extra to make their Christmas special. Join hampsta. Your money is safe and secure, held by the Public Trust. You get great deals and offers from our retailer network. And best of all - you will not get dicked again!

The hampsta Member Support Team

ps. Don't need to join? Give your Dick Smith Gift Card to someone who could benefit from hampsta. Spread the word and do some good!

* This offer is open until 31 January 2016. Terms and Conditions apply.